When it came to basketball, I had no fear.
— Kobe Bryant as cited in "The Mamba Mentality"

Counseling for Athletes

Athletes struggle with anxiety and depression just as anyone else. They deal with trauma and grief whether caused by sport, injury, business, or loved ones. Speaking of relationships, what is it like to be an athlete in romantic or familial relationships? It can be very stressful. Despite all these stressors, you must show up. You are expected to be present during practice, workouts, and competition.

Your family, coaches, teammates, media and the community are all depending on you. Others are tending to your body and physical fitness. Allow me to tend to your mental wellness and mentality. Your mind, your heart, mental strength, and peace. Do you want to be your best and reach your goals? Click here to schedule an appointment with me today!

Me in the Ohio University football office in 2000.

Me in the Ohio University football office in 2000.

Why me?

An amateur athlete from an early age as my father taught me how to ski and play tennis as a little girl. I traveled locally and across states to practices and tournaments with my dad. At one tournament I remember meeting the late great Arthur Ashe and seeing the excitement from everyone around him. Instead of following my father’s tennis dreams for me, I fell in love with dance. Through dance I was introduced to being part of a team, performing, competition, and FOOTBALL. In college I began my 16 year career working behind the scenes for championship caliber collegiate and professional sports teams.

Through my work I realized I cared more about the well-being of athletes, coaches, and families more than just the business of sport. I pursued my counseling license with specializations in sports counseling and marriage and family therapy. I feel great purpose when counseling my clients and seeing their transformations. I experience the excitement I felt meeting Mr. Ashe every time I’m on the sidelines, working next to an athlete, or stepping on a rink or a court. I AM a fan but what makes me different, aside from being a qualified professional is that my desire is to help you realize greatness, and that means attending to your heart and mind. You are more than “just an athlete!” When you know your greatness you materialize that in all areas of your life.

What I do-

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for overcoming mental blocks, traumatic memories or self-beliefs, and the desensitizing and reprocessing of fight, flight, or freeze triggers. Mindfulness imagery and grounding techniques are also learned for focus and awareness in present moment relaxation or distress.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with couples and individuals for emotional responses, or avoidance due to attachment relationships and injuries with loved ones, teammates, coaches, family, or society.

Sandtray therapy like EMDR works to access parts of your brain not tapped into with talk therapy alone. By creating scenes with sand and miniatures you are able to link the language centers of the analytical left brain to those of the non-verbal passionate emotion driven right brain. Change occurs faster and last longer when when you can engage both sides of your brain!

Person Centered therapy for a safe, private, and confidential counseling experience tailored to you.

What issues are addressed?

  • Adjustment issues from youth athletics -to- middle school -to- high school -to- college -to- the pros

  • Self-concept and identity

  • Sports injuries

  • Retirement- what happens when my career ends early, as expected, or not

  • Team dynamics

  • Family dynamics

  • Trauma and crisis

  • Grief

  • Death and bereavement

  • Compliance issues

  • Family expectations or responsibilities

  • Sex and relationships

  • Criminal accusations or convictions

  • Alcohol and drug use

  • Media and community expectations and pressures

  • Marriage and relationships

  • Eating disorders and body shaming

  • Assault vs. Consent