Get in the Driver's Seat of Your Life Today!

Are you living the life you want to live? Nothing screams "take inventory of your life today" more than the passing of a loved one or an acquaintance. Today I learned that my aunt passed away. When in mourning we have to grieve the loss of a relationship, and manage our relationships with the rest of our family. Others try to comfort us, telling us to hold onto the good memories. We think about the good memories, and the challenging ones. We think about missed opportunities, and some opportunities we are grateful we experienced.  We ask ourselves several questions about the deceased and about ourselves. We wonder if they lived the life they wanted to live. My aunt has been the matriarch of our family for so long. I will miss her dearly and I pray for the strength of my mother, my aunts, my aunt's children, and her extended family. I am thankful for her. I pray my aunt, my mother's sister, lived the life she wanted to live. 

Are you living the live you want to live? Is it ever too late to make changes in your life that will make you feel fulfilled? The ones that will make your Creator say "well done my child." Are we ever too young or too old to be in the driver's seat of our own lives? I say no, I think. Only you can decide each and every day how to be true to yourself, and to the people you were given to love.

You don't know how to take the first step towards change? My advice would be to find a licensed psychotherapist to help you work out what's happened in your life, and what needs to happen next. My desire as a therapist is to bring my clients into an existence of healing, peace, and direction. If I am not the right fit for you professionally, or financially I would love to help you find someone who can help you sort out the pieces. 

Death only breaks a physical bond. Your spiritual bonds will go on forever. Living dead is worse than living alive. I have experienced great losses in my life. At times I had lost myself. There is a warming peace that comes from doing the work and getting to your destination while you still can. Don't just rest in peace, live in peace. If you have lost yourself or a loved one, reach out for help. There is nothing wrong with letting someone in the passenger seat.